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Slow down at The Urban Underground

There is a real change happening in retail.

Online is steadily taking it's place as the preferred way to buy. Time poor consumers want fast service, and to feel in control of the buying process. Bricks and mortar stores, and especially department stores, are struggling to keep up with the challenges this new retail landscape brings. Many have upscaled their own offer to compete with their own fast online service, free delivery, after pay and click and collect options. However this continues the problem of faster and faster fashion, and where does it end?

Many retailers are trying new ways to market their brands, turning the traditional "Fashion System" on it's head.

Just one example of how people are thinking differently about this, is the 'Slow Fashion' movement, where the focus is on quality and longevity. Some global brands are now offering fewer collections, and often with more transeasonal focus, and a resurgence of core clothing with a longer 'life' expectancy.

This is the approach Punch Park has taken with it's quality clothing brands with contemporary classics and fashion collectibles. The Punch Park Pop Up Weekend shop at The Urban Underground in Annandale showcases their selection of transeasonal brands with other local designers of fashion and accessories, as well as gifts, homewares and local art.

The Urban Underground encourages visitors to slow down and enjoy exploring it's local creators designs, consider buying pre-loved, vintage along with new quality clothing, and enjoy a coffee and meal upstairs at Black Toast Cafe.

More grassroots retail stores like The Urban Underground will promote community through their more direct conversations with locals, and promote 'slow fashion' through their promotion of more sustainable brands.

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